Preserving Family Memories for the Next Generation

Meet Jodie Rosen

Jodie has always been a creative spirit as well as someone who truly values the preservation of visual memories. About 25 years ago she started scrapbooking – the craft of documenting family history with the use of photographs. For her this was a priority, to preserve and record these unique stories for future generations that are rich with events, milestones and family connections.

Although people loved the scrapbooks she created, Jodie knew that scrapbooks couldn’t exist if the photos weren’t restored properly and in the best shape for long term viewing. This inspired her to share her passion in the best way she knew how, by starting her business, Pages 2 Remember. She learned how to edit, repair and enhance old, faded photos. She invested in the necessary equipment to do so. And she researched the best materials to use so the images she restored would last as long as the memories they held.

When you work with Jodie she focuses on one project at a time, so your photographic history has all of her attention. For her, keeping people connected through the visual memories of generations is not something you can do on an iPhone. Pictures can be held, felt and touched, and passed back and forth between the hands of those who are moved the most by those photos.

Spending time restoring photos and getting all of the details into focus feeds her soul. It’s a joy to see the memories come back into someone’s life.

Memories last a lifetime, but moments are fleeting. Restoring your photos is a stylish way to preserve a lifetime of memories. Get your photos out of storage and let me create beautiful memories for you and your family. Restore your photos from the past to be treasured in the future.” – Jodie


You never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Contact Jodie today to keep your treasured memories in the present with her photo restoration services.


Custom Photo Books

Photo Books capture your memories while telling a story.

Everyday moments, trips of a life time and special occasions can be easily enjoyed while sharing a photobook.  No one needs to crowd around a computer screen or pass your phone.  We specialize in custom designed photobooks.

Scanning & Digitizing

Scanning and digitizing preserves your photos.

Protect Your Memories for Future Generations

Photos, slides, negatives and old sticky albums stored in a closet are difficult to enjoy.  Time, improper storage and natural disasters are dangers that can destroy your priceless memories. Scanning and digitizing your collection will assure your images are easy to enjoy now and for future generations.

Photo Restoration

Restoration can bring your old photos back to life.

Over time photos can be damaged by rips, folds and fading. People used pen to write on the photo identifying who, what, where and when it was taken.  We have years of experience and you will be surprised at the adjustments we can make.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Photo Books

How long will it take to complete my photobook?

This will depend on how many photos and the level of detail you want in your photobook. Each page can take several hours to complete. All of the details will be discussed at our FREE consultation. You can expect that I will work in a timely and professional manner. A photobook with 20 pages will take approximately six weeks.

What is the difference between a traditional scrapbook and a photobook?

Traditional scrapbooks use printed photos, paper and embellishments that are adhered to each page with photo safe adhesive. Photobooks include all digital supplies (photos, paper and embellishments) that are created with a scrapbooking program. I use Photoshop.

Can I see some of the pages of my photobook before it is completed?

Yes! Your satisfaction is my highest priority. I can e-mail you copies throughout the project to be sure that I am designing your photobook the way you envisioned. If you are dissatisfied with any part of a page we can discuss possible modifications.

How many photos fit on a page?

The style of the page and size of your pictures determine the number of photos that will fit on each page. When choosing your photos keep in mind that there are approximately 125 photos in a one inch stack. I will care for your photos and memorabilia as if they were my own. Using standard 4 x 6 photos follow these guidelines. 12 x 12 page: 3-5 photos
8 x 8 page: 1-3 photos.

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies. Please contact us for a quote.

Scanning and Photo Restoration

What resolution do you scan?

I scan in 600 dpi for photos and 1200dpi for 35mm slides. The images on your DVD or USB are called JPGs. Each JPG file will range between 1 – 5 Meg depending on the size of the photo and the scanning resolution.

How many photos will fit on one DVD?

That depends on the size of your original photo prints. If all your photos are 4 x 6, you can fit up to 1,000 photos on a DVD.

What size photos can you scan?

I can scan photos from wallet size all the way up to 8x 10. If your photos are larger than that, I scan in portions, then “stitch” them back together.

What type of slides can you scan?

Current I can scan only 35mm slides. These are 2 x 2 films inside a cardboard or plastic holder.

How much does it cost?

The price depends on how much damage there is to the photo. Additional changes, such as color adjustments, changing the background, or removing people also increase the complexity of the project, and the price.

How long will the restoration process take?

Projects usually take two weeks to complete.

Can all photos be restored?

Most photos can be restored. To help restore missing details, we can use additional photos for reference. We will attempt to restore every photo regardless of its original condition. Contact us for a free consultation.

Can a blurred photo be sharpened?

If a photo is blurry or out of focus it can be sharpened to some extent. Contact us for a free consultation.

Are my originals altered?

We make digital copies (scans) of your originals. All restoration is done only to the scanned copy of your photo or documents. Your original will never be altered and will be returned to you in the same condition in which it was received.

What if I want to preserve my photos without restoration?

We can scan your photos, slides or treasured documents and create a digital image. These images are then save onto a DVD. Your originals are returned to you in the same condition in which it was received.

Can you restore only photos?

We can also restore negatives, 35mm slides, old certificates, documents, and newspapers.

I don’t feel comfortable sending my original photos through the mail, but I don’t have a scanner. Any suggestions?

Yes. Many local companies offer scanning services.

Are my photos secure?

The privacy of our customers is important to us. We do not share your photos, images or documents with anyone. We never use your photos or images without your permission.

How do I get started?

Contact us to discuss the project. We can meet in person, talk by phone or do everything virtually – your choice.


“I wish I could find the words to thank you for the wonderful scrapbooks. My father cried as he looked at it. You truly did a great thing for him. He has a hard time many days so it was great to have something for him to focus on just about him. I know he will be showing it off to many of his friends in the next couple of days. The three of us were very happy and surprised to each receive an album. Once again thanks.”

MyraNew Jersey

“Thank you for creating such a beautiful album of my daughter’s swimming years. She was so happy and excited when I surprised her.”


“I love and will always treasure my scrapbook album of a very special time in my life. Thank you so much.”


“I love my scrapbook! You are so thoughtful to have done that for us! I never would have got it together to make an album for myself. Thank you for everything.”

Susan Massachusetts

“Our daughter’s Bat Mitzvah album was exactly what I wanted. I will definitely call you after our son’s Bar Mitzvah.”


“The photo of my parents is just like new. I’ve been wanting to restore this for years. Thanks for all your work.”


“When I received the Baby Shower Album I cried. It captured the shower just as I remember it. You did a beautiful job.”

StaceyNew Jersey

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Have you ever asked yourself who will preserve the memories of my family history when my parents are gone? We would love to help you preserve your memories. Contact us for your free consultation.

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