3D Stereo Slides

A client wanted help with her wedding slides.  In 1953, her photographer took lots of photos, but only created slides. These are specialty slides, 3D Stereo slides. Looking at them requires a special viewer, like a pair of binoculars. Easy to view for one person, sharing them with others involves passing the viewer. When someone has a question even more passing takes place, “who’s standing left, right, etc”; this can get very cumbersome. Consequently she has not shared them very often with her children or grandchildren.

No problem, I’ll scan the slides, make any necessary restorations then create a photobook. I had not worked with 3D slides before, but I’m up for the challenge.

Here’s the technical information:  these 3D slides were very different from the usual 2” x 2” white cardboard with a piece of positive film mounted inside. These resembled microscope slides; two pieces of film (with the same image) mounted on either side of the slide encased in glass.

Original Front

Original Back

The good news: I was able to scan through the glass, creating a digital image. I used these digital images to create her photo book.

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